LM6000 T4.8 Exhaust Gas Temperature Thermocouple



  • Advanced Materials - improved high temperature mechanical strength and oxidation resistance ensures increased RELIABILITY & provides LONGER LIFE
  • 100% Hermetic - no insulation resistance failures, better accuracy, and provides longer life
  • Type K Terminal Contacts - reduces secondary junction errors
  • Different Sized Terminal Studs - makes it impossible to cross-wire
  • Gold Plated Threads - prevents seizing between terminal studs and cable lugs

OEM Qualified - ensures product meets all new OEM performance requirements.

The latest and most capable LM6000 gas turbine exhaust gas temperature (EGT) probe from AMETEK offers the longest possible life. AMETEK is the original EGT probe supplier for CF6 aircraft engines. LM2500, LM5000, and LM6000 industrial gas turbines and now brings to market an EGT probe with new materials and a new design. The latest LM6000 T4.8 EGT thermocouple is OEM qualified and incorporates, many improvements over any previous products. Materials are carefully selected to ensure long product life and superior performance. Specifically, a new single crystal alloy for the probe support significantly improves high temperature mechanical strength. In addition, the thermocouple sheath material increases high temperature oxidation and creep resistance. Best of all, AMETEK's new T4.8 thermocouple is completely interchangeable so that it can be used on all LM6000 applications.

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