Measurement with Real-Time Feedback

Whether you need the full control capability of our linear actuator products to dial in your measurement requirements; speed, Soft-Land, force control or need to take advantage of our precision USA made encoders used in all our Linear actuators or measuring probes for micron positioning and the longest range of measurement (maintaining both accuracy and repeatability), or even a customized fit in your existing real estate with our “MCA inside” design program, SMAC has a best cost solution that measures up to exceed your exact requirements.

SMAC measurement system can be programmed with variable force/displacement that duplicates human hands and fingers with data feedback. Quick measurement of force or diameters/depths and locations to submicron accuracy for Quality Assurance.

SMAC inline quality control solutions are used for automotive parts and industrial components; thread check and quality measurements for casting parts, airbag components, automotive switches, touch screen, latch assemblies, and many more.

100% inspection
Increased quality
SPC data acquisition
Process control feedback
Increased throughput


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  • Programmable force/torque, position, velocity in all axes
  • SMAC’s unique Soft-Land™ ability (<10gf contact force) to avoid parts damage
  • Easily programmed position and force “windows” to warn of missing or broken components
  • Precise force control with feedback


  • Rod/Shaft run-out < 30 micron (<10 micron optional)
  • Positions sub-micron accuracy
  • Different height placement


  • High speed continuous operation, 50,000 cycles/hour (15Hz)
  • Long life cycle over 100 million cycles


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