• Your service partner for new technologies and innovative product solutions. We represent leading brands in the semiconductor and mechatronic industries and develop customer related solutions since 1982.

Our Foundation

  • Highly qualified and dedicated employees
  • Profound product and market knowledge
  • Innovative "best in class" product portfolio
  • Competitive pricing

We deliver

  • Individual and knowledgeable consultation
  • Reliable service, communication and support deliverables
  • Updates on latest technologies and market trends
  • Technical training and support
  • Professional logistics


  • Trustful and reliable partnership
  • Products with unique selling proposition
  • Fast and effective implementation of projects and applications
  • Competitive advantage through state-of-the-art technology


  • Certified quality management
  • Trusted by many customers
  • Best quality products and service
  • Most recent version DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

We work together with the leading manufacturers in the semiconductur and mechatronics industry to bring you great results with a short time to market. With our extensive network of experience and professionals and our "right the first time" philosophy we hugely reduce your time to market, saving you cost and improving your business.

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Our Areas of expertise

We have helped our customers since 1982 in many different industrial areas to fullfill their requirements. Our main focus lies in the semiconductor's industries, which covers a wide area of applications like pick and place machines, automatic packaging, automatic testing and many more. Read more about possible applications:

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Spotlight products

In our reportoire we have a wide array of products from our partners. Each and every application has it's own requirements and pitfalls. We can ensure you, that we will find the right parts for your application. Here you find an asortment of products we have used frequently in several projects: