To support its broad line of industry-leading products, AMETEK Power Instruments operates an extensive sales and service network with locations in key regions of the world such as the US, UK and Asia. 

On-site training programs are continuously provided to offer hands-on experience with products, operation and maintenance. This training ensures the most effective use of AMETEK products. 


DR-300 Contract Award and DR-300 Multi-Function Fault Recorder

The DR-300 is the only tool you need to capture and diagnose power system anomalies. Our wide range of features like dynamic disturbance recording and logging, high-speed transient recording and logging, sequence of events recording, continuous transient oscillography and much more drew Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Limited (NIE Networks) to the DR-300 when they were looking to upgrade and install the Digital Fault Recorders into new and existing substations. Learn more about this awarded supply of DR-300 Fault Recorders to Northern Ireland.   


Electric power generation is a major market segment for AMETEK Power Instruments. We are a leader in advanced engine sensors and monitoring systems for gas turbines used in electric power generation. AMETEK is also a long-time supplier of temperature, speed, cable harness, and flame sensor products used by the electric and nuclear power industries.


AMETEK Power Instruments designs and manufactures a full line of power and process-monitoring equipment. A growing array of instruments used to measure, monitor and record variables in the transmission and distribution of electric power are offered through our family of products. In addition, AMETEK has the industry's most extensive line of control room annunciators, event monitors, and graphic displays.


AMETEK Power Instruments is a leader in the development and manufacturing of sensor systems for boilers and burners used by the utility, petrochemical, process, and marine industries worldwide.
AMETEK Power Instruments' transducers and transmitters are used in oil, gas and petrochemical production and distribution to operate reliably under harsh and extreme conditions. AMETEK also offers a full line of flame sensors for a wide range of industrial applications as well as custom-engineered electrical thermocouples and fiber-optic cable assembles.


Around the world, customers turn to AMETEK Switch for reliability in electrical components. Our commitment to producing designed-right, priced-right components has made us a preferred engineering partner with some of the largest companies in most major industries and markets. For more than 15 years, AMETEK Switch has designed and manufactured a comprehensive line of high quality DC contactors and solenoids for a wide range of applications. AMETEK Switch is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electrochemical devices with more than 100 manufacturing facilities, sales and service centers around the world. To learn more about AMETEK Switch, visit


AMETEK Switch DC contactors are used in applications relying on a dependable power source including forklifts, electric vehicles, luxury boats, telecommunication systems, welding, uninterruptible power supplies and ground power generation.  AMETEK’s DC contactors are designed to operate in a variety of environments with currents of 100 to 2,000 amps and can handle up to 500 volts. To meet individual size and weight requirements, AMETEK manufactures a wide variety of existing field proven designs. 


AMETEK’s exclusive Magnalatch™ family of patented protected designs handle currents of up to 2,000 amps  and offer an economical option for applications not requiring significant amounts of contactor switching. The MagnalatchTM latched low voltage disconnect contactor is available with several options including custom bus-bars and side mounted feet for horizontal mounting.


AMETEK Solenoids are used in applications requiring economical dependability including forklifts, automotive, electric vehicles, agricultural and golf carts. Solenoids are available in metal and plastic case housings.  Metal case solenoids have ranges of 6 to 36 DC volts and operate in intermittent or continuous duty settings. AMETEK’ metal case solenoid is a rugged design that can handle a high inrush of current using copper or silver fixed contacts in conjunction with a moving contact disk design. 
AMETEK’s plastic case solenoids are IP67 compliant, range from 12 to 48 DC volts and operate in intermittent or continuous duty settings.  An industry leader of solenoid design and product enhancements, AMETEK solenoids are manufactured to handle a wide range of customer needs and specifications.

AMETEK Power Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annualized sales of approximately $5 billion. For more information, contact AMETEK Power Instruments, 255 North Union Street, Rochester New York 14605.




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