SPECTRA GT30 Gas Turbine Flame Sensor

  • Fuel Versatility - high output performance with natural gas, fuel oils, and waste gas
  • Detects Wide UV Spectrum—provides strong output even during water or steam injection
  • Hermetically Sealed - helps ensure sensor reliability and long life
  • Flexibility - can be mounted to any gas turbine using standard NPT pipe thread
  • Fast Response Time - ensures rapid fuel shutoff during flame out
  • Brazed Window Assembly - protects sensor from extremely high process pressures
  • High Temperature Electronics - enables sensor to function at higher operating temperatures
  • Compact Design - enables sensor to fit in even the tightest locations
  • Wide Dynamic Range - dual gain amplifier with saturation limiting circuitry
  • Analog Output - no separate amplifier to worry about
  • 100% Solid-State - no tubes or shutters to fail

The SpectraTM GT30 is easily mounted directly to the turbine case or on a short standoff pipe via a 3/4 inch NPT internal thread. The two-wire, 24 VDC loop-powered solid-state sensor is fully self-contained, therefore it does not require a separate amplifier. AMETEK offers various cabling options depending on the application.


For turbine retrofits and upgrades, the sensor can be connected directly to a control system, through a relay module or with a frequency converter to mimic the older technology pulse output style.


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SPECTRA Pro Flame Sensor Signal Processor


  • Fault and Disturbance Recorder
  • Software configurable gain and threshold - enables the user to set signal level and flame on/off thresholds
  • Flame Status Relay and Indicator - two flame status output relays and one LED to indicate flame on/off condition
  • Flame Monitoring - 4-20 mA flame signal output and modbus communications for remote monitoring
  • Continuous Electronic Self-Checking - dedicated relay and LED indicate system functionality
  • Redundant Power Supply - dual 24 VDC power inputs to signal processor provide backup power to flame sensor
  • Certifications - meets FM requirements for Flame Standard and Class 1 Div. 2 electrical safety

The SPECTRA PRO's frequency discrimination feature allows it to filter out background radiation from hot, glowing boiler walls and also radiation interference from neighboring burners or pilots. This discrimination capability ensures that when a flame is extinguished, the relay trips immediately because there are no background radiation effects that could provide a false flame on condition.

All of the functionality of the SPECTRA PRO is easily programmable using AMETEK's AmFlame PC interface software. In addition to configuration, AmFlame provides real time monitoring of the flame sensor output and the condition of the three output relays. AmFlame will also keep track of all program setting, changes and can record sensor output data for analysis.

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