SMAC encoders are made using optical components provided by large volume manufacturers of printers, cameras, cell phones and independent manufacturers of standard mixed signal ASIC semiconductor products used in optical encoders around the world. We use these high reliability optical components that are made in the millions per year to take advantage of the latest manufacturing technologies used in these fields and the latest design features patented by these suppliers. Technologies include using Interlaced Photo Detector Arrays to better balance the light viewed across the photo sensor array and average imperfections in the code pattern of the scale, LED light intensity auto gain to compensate for LED aging and temperature changes and GUI control of the many features selected in the interpolator and signal conditioning ASIC. SMAC has used over 100,000 of their internally designed encoders in their products. They have been able to discover many of the "User Issues" first hand, that would not be normally seen by a manufacturer of encoders and correct these issue in their products quickly.​

Custom Encoders

We will work with you to build custom linear and rotary encoders that fits your project specifications. Please contact us if you don't find that any of our standard products will fill your needs.

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