HT Series

The HT is the first model of high torque brushless 3-phase DC motor. SMAC currently offers the HT035 series, with 35 mm diameter and HT055 series, with 55 mm diameter.

  • A combination of SMAC’s patent pending Halbach magnets and printed coil technology
  • Printed coil allows coil shapes impossible to achieve with conventional windings
  • Rotary encoder 2K or 24K optional
  • Gear ratio 4:1 or 16:1 optional (Other ratio available upon request)
  • Built-in Servo Controller
  • Brushless

The HT is a new revolutionary high torque brushless DC motor. Compared to other brushless motors, the HT Motor has a flat torque–speed curve meaning that the speed is less influenced when the torque is increased. The secret to that is found how the magnetic circuit is built. A combination of SMAC’s patent pending Halbach magnets and printed coil technology achieves higher torque/amp.

Most small motors run at high RPMs but have low torque. These are not well fitted for robotic applications. Expensive and heavy gears are required to get to the required torque. Higher currents and/or voltages are needed to get useful torques.

SMAC Advantages
Halbach magnet circuits that increase toque > 2 times due to flux density of over 10K gauss. 
SMAC’s patent pending printed coil technology that allows for winding configurations not possible using conventional mechanical winding methods. 
Reduces new motor tooling costs to a fraction of the old conventional methods.



Model Voltage (DC) Power(W) Torque constant (mNm) Stall torque (mNm) Stall current (A) Datasheet
HT035 48 26 141.6 497 3.5 PDF download
HT055 48 37.8 333 1995 6 PDF download

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Various options and modifications are available:

  • Linear encoder resolutions- 5µ standard. 1µ and 0,1µ optional for most units
  • Shaft ends- Male, female, blank and customized versions are available
  • Return spring- Prevents the shaft from dropping during vertical operation when power is cut
  • Vacuum- Vacuum through the shaft or on the shaft for pick and place applications
  • Extended nose bushing- For tighter shaft run-out and higher side load onto the shaft
  • Increase of force and acceleration 48 volt and double coil options are available for some units with 24 volt single coil
  • Dust/Waterproof IP65/67 protection are available for some models


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