372A2221 EGT Exhaust Gas Thermocouples



  • OEM Qualified
  • Hermetically sealed to ensure a long product and continuous accuracy
  • Material selection to eliminate seizure
  • Positive stop to ensure proper seating of thermocouple within the radiation shield
  • Quick installation - Compression fitting and bushing design allow for easy replacement
  • Connectorized cable - fool proof installation and easier than ever cable connection


The AMETEK 372A2221 Series Exhaust Gas Thermocouples for Frame 7 and 9  applications have been designed, fully tested, and qualified to meet OEM specifications. AMETEK has worked closely with the OEM turbine manufacturer to qualify and engine test this thermocouple as a direct replacement, or for upgrading older style Exhaust Gas Thermocouples.

These OEM qualified Exhaust Gas Thermocouples use type K wire, MgO insulation, and an Inconel sheath material. The thermocouple tip and junction box are hermetically sealed and have been qualified to ASTM E1652 with a leak rate of less than 1X10-6 cc/sec.

AMETEK 372A2221Series connectorized thermocouples use a circular, channeled, connector mating to an anti-vibration fitting on the mating cable. The ease of this new connection reduces total errors and labor hours.

AMETEK also manufactures the full line of 362A3345 matching cables to compliment 372A2221 Series Exhaust Gas Thermocouples.

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