Hermetic Exhaust Gas and Wheel Space Thermocouple



  • 100% Hermetic - provides longer life, better accuracy, and no insulation resistance failures
  • Positive Stop - ensures proper location of thermocouple tip in radiation shield
  • Material Selection - eliminates seizure of thermocouple into radiation shield
  • Type K Terminal Studs - reduces secondary junction errors
  • Junction Box - simplifies installation and makes cable connection foolproof


  • Type K Terminal Lugs - ensures no secondary junction errors are introduced
  • Different Sized Terminal Lugs - make it impossible to cross-wire
  • Captivated Hardware - nothing to lose and nothing more to purchase

Stainless Steel Braid - protects Teflon coated wire from abrasion




AMETEK Hermetic Exhaust Gas (EGT) and Wheel Space Frame Turbine Thermocouples are the latest OEM production qualified design and incorporate many improvements over previous thermocouple offerings. AMETEK's new thermocouple is 100% hermetic which ensures longer product life, improved temperature accuracy, and no troublesome insulation resistance failures during operation. The junction box mounts directly to the radiation shield or turbine case and eliminates the problem of mineral insulated cable extending outside the turbine. Materials were carefully selected to ensure long life and to eliminate vibration and galling failures. This new thermocouple, used in conjunction with AMETEK's flexible cable, provides a product that is not only easier to install and maintain, but also a product that is more reliable, accurate, and longer lived.

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