Qualified Hermetic EGT Thermocouple Upgrade



  • Foolproof Installation - ensures proper insertion depth and eliminates over-tightening induced open circuit failures
  • Flexible Installation - enables cable leads to be connected prior to assembly and a stress-free orientation of the thermocouple junction box and cable leads
  • Quick Installation - use of compression fitting significantly reduces installation time
  • New Probe Design - eliminates thermal gradient differences that could cause thermocouple element breakage
  • Gold Plated Threads - prevents seizing between terminal studs and cable lugs

FIT-IT & FORGET-IT Eliminate Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
thermocouple concerns with AMETEK's new EGT thermocouple product offering for Frame turbine applications. AMETEK has worked closely with the turbine OEM to design and engine test this thermocouple as a direct replacement and upgrade for all new and existing EGT thermocouples. The new EGT thermocouples are qualified and meet all design specifications.

Includes the Benefits of the Original Design:

1. 100% Hermetic for high accuracy and long life
2. Positive Stop to ensure proper location of the thermocouple into the radiation shield
3. Type K Terminal Studs to reduce secondary junction error
4. Junction Box that simplifies installation and makes cable connection foolproof

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