Programmability & Soft-Land™

Programmable Features
SMAC actuators are totally programmable in force, acceleration and velocity. They give you flexibility to run various products with a quick change over at the touch of a button. Multiple motion profiles (programs) can be stored/ preset in the SMAC controller. The actuator can operate in three different modes:

  • Force Mode: Force Mode is open loop, using no feedback from the encoder. The actual position is still monitored but has no effect upon the output.
  • Velocity Mode: Velocity Mode allows the actuating rod to be moved with a given velocity, acceleration, force and direction. Typically used for a Soft-Land™ routine.
  • Position Mode: Position Mode will allow the actuating rod to be moved to various positions along the stroke using acceleration, velocity and force. It is possible to perform absolute, relative and “learned position” moves.

What is a Soft-Land™?
The Soft-Land™ is a patented unique routine which allows the actuator rod or gripper jaw to land on the surface of a component with a low programmed force. It gives extremely accurate sensing of product location or dimensions. This is particularly useful for handling delicate or high value components.

The routine consists of a controlled low force approach in velocity mode, while the position error is constantly monitored. Once contact is made the position error builds up until a pre-programmed figure is reached - resulting in the rod maintaining position on the surface of the component.

  • Gentle touch – as low as 10g
  • Detect objects / obstructions
  • Used in: Pick and place of delicate objects
  • Gauging of fragile or pliant materials
  • Switch / material testing
  • Many, many others

SMAC Control Center – GUI Programming Tools
SMAC Control Center is a graphical user interface that allows for configuring and tuning SMAC LCC-10 controller. It’s an easy way of creating motion programs (macro sequences). You can create programs, monitor the application using live update of up to 4 variables and you can fine tune the control loop within the application. 






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