GUI's for use with SMAC Moving Coil Actuators

SMAC Graphical User Interface provides a simple and straightforward way to quickly configure motion parameters of a variety of SMAC single/dual axis actuators and controllers. Pre-installed, user configurable application-based GUIs are also available.

  • Little to no programming experience required
  • Menu-driven, Windows based, easy setup
  • Pre-programmed with application-specific features
  • Real time analysis
  • Data and graphical feedback tools
  • Built-in tutorial and help features

LCC Control Center
Achieve high level programming with no programming experience, monitoring and logging of parameters, fine-tuning of control parameters for LCC controller.

LAC-X Editor
Easy setup and tuning of control parameters for LAC-1 and LAC-25.

Thread Check Center: TCC
User configurable Thread-Checking applications. Fully automated 100% inspection of internal & external threads. Verification of counter bore height, thread pitch, oversized/undersized threads, cross thread and shallow thread, etc.

Capping Control Center: CCC
User configurable threaded bottle/container capping applications. Detect and report no/obstructed cap. Adjust force and torque, show the different quality check capabilities such as cap height, torque limit, force required to press-in, and even check the clicks on child proof caps.

Gauging Control Center: GCC
User configurable gauging applications. Provide real time plot of measured values in relation to limits. The user may save a .csv or image file of the measured values or graph area respectively for data logging.

Ejection Control Center: ECC
User configurable Ejection applications. Select and program between 4 types of ejection sequence including soft eject, rapid eject etc. Control velocity for ejection based on customer cycle time requirements. Adjust force to eject based on the weight/mass of the object to eject. Manipulate position to park the actuator based on the program sequence.

Leak Test Center: LTC
User configurable Leak testing applications: Select and program between two types of leak testing procedure( Velocity and Force). Unique capability of SMAC actuator to soft land on the object and applying force can be programmed using this GUI. Precise monitoring of displacement of the bottle/container/ or any testing sample during leak testing. Adjust the force to be applied on the test object using this software.


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