SLA Series Linear Slide Actuators

Designed for precision movement applications. A very light moving mass results in high accelerations with no backlash. The SLA incorporates precision Cross Roller Guides with anti-creep protection for increased stiffness and lower friction. The Moving Coil drive is centered between Cross Rollers thus eliminating moment effects from the drive. The SLA is available with encoder resolution down to 50 nm.

  • Ideal for precision movements/scanning
  • No backlash
  • Programmable speeds, positions and forces



Model Voltage (DC) Size Stroke (mm) Peak force (N) Datasheet
SLA10-005-55-1 24 50x50x10 5 2.2 PDF download
SLA10-010-55-1 24 61x50x10 10 2.1 PDF download
SLA25-010-55-2 24 72.5x40x25 10 4 PDF download

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Various options and modifications are available:

  • Linear encoder resolutions- 5µ standard. 1µ and 0,1µ optional for most units
  • Shaft ends- Male, female, blank and customized versions are available
  • Return spring- Prevents the shaft from dropping during vertical operation when power is cut
  • Vacuum- Vacuum through the shaft or on the shaft for pick and place applications
  • Extended nose bushing- For tighter shaft run-out and higher side load onto the shaft
  • Increase of force and acceleration 48 volt and double coil options are available for some units with 24 volt single coil
  • Dust/Waterproof IP65/67 protection are available for some models


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