JEMStar ll IEC High Accuracy Revenue Meter

Features and Benefits

  • High accuracy
  • Easy to configure and operate
  • Advanced communications
  • Power quality
  • Graphic color display and user menu


METEK’s JEMStar II has the highest accuracy in the market, provides many communication options and monitors your power quality to make it the ideal choice for any metering application. An impressive color display makes it easy to view power measurements, phasor displays and meter diagnostics. The JEMStar II is easy to use and configure with our intuitive JEMWARE software and the meter display provides a user menu to show and edit configuration details. The JEMStar II has 1 GB of non-volatile memory to store your metering and power quality data for as long as you want. The meter has a single base model that can be used for simple revenue and billing applications as well as more complex power quality monitoring applications.

The JEMStar II’s precision design provides high accuracy with long term stability making it easy to guarantee our 0.05% accuracy for 10 years. Low current accuracy is better than 0.2% RDG at 50 mA. The JEMStar II includes security features that limit access to the meter. Username and password combinations are required to access your secure data and configuration details. The meter communications are password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Ethernet connections can be restricted to select IP addresses. Audit logs store all access attempts; including meter connection, configuration, firmware changes and data access with username and time/date for each occurrence. The audit log requires permission to view and cannot be modified or deleted from the meter. Alarms are provided when opening the terminal cover and access door.

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