JEMStar II High Accuracy Revenue Meter


  • High accuracy - 0.05% for 10 years
  • NERC CIPS compliant - Secure access and audit logs for all access attempts
  • 1 GB of non volatile memory to store metering and power quality data
  • Up to seven communication ports
  • Easy to configure, operate and upgrade
  • Graphic color display and user menu - View and edit configurations
  • Six-channel digital input/output and four-channel Analog input/output
  • Flexible design -Easily replaces many legacy meters

The AMETEK Power Instruments' JEMStar II High Accuracy Revenue Meter is your cash register. Fractions of a percent accuracy can mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our precision design provides high accuracy with long term stability, making it easy to guarantee 0.05% accuracy for 10 years. When compared to other meters, the JEMStar II can provide more than $13,000 per year in unaccounted revenue.

With a variety of ways you can customize the JEMStar II, the meter can be utilized for simple revenue and billing applications as well as more complex power quality monitoring applications. We can equip the JEMStar II with up to seven communication ports including an internal 4G LTE cell modem. The JEMWARE Configuration Software is so easy to use that most can learn the basics of configuring the meter in one hour of training and after a full day, you can gain enough expertise to build your own configurations. The JEMStar II can be provided in socket, switchboard, A-base and several retrofit packages for easy plug and play of replacement legacy meters. 

Now CAISO and ERCOT approved


With the ability to have up to seven communication ports, the tracking of the port status and protocol selections is simplified with our graphical 'heads-up display' on the meter, which shows; which ports are installed and configured, which are in use and which require attention. The two independent Ethernet ports have separate IP addresses so end users can allow access to third parties without breaching their own secure network. Each Ethernet port can be addressed for multiple users and protocols operating simultaneously with permissions given to specific functions. The 4G LTE internal Cell Modem can support up to eight simultaneous connections using different communication protocols. 

Real-Time Site Monitoring

The meter site can be monitored for outages, power quality anomalies and any change in your power. Real-time alarm notification is provided using web-based JSON messages. The site data can be fed into 'cloud based' applications moving you into the Internet of Things (IoT) world. Metering wiring connections can be checked at the meter via color phasor diagram and alert you when wiring is mis-connected or phase angles exceed preset limits. The phasor display can also be viewed remotely utilizing our JEMWARE software.

Power Quality

The JEMStar II is equipped with Sag/Swell/Outage recordings that store the time, date, duration and site conditions. For advanced power quality analysis, there is an option to record high-speed RMS measurements and waveform data from pre-selected triggers. Continuous recording of harmonics, flicker and other power measurements are provided in the 400 channel log with enough memory to store several months of data. Power quality data resides in a PQDIF file format on the meter. It can automatically be exported for easy analysis with our software or third-party applications. 

Power Quality Recordings 

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