Fault Recorder TR-3000

The TR-3000 is the only tool you need to capture and diagnose power system anomalies, and meets regulatory compliances including PRC-002-2. With multiple recording modes and continuous transient oscillography, you will never miss an event. The TR-3000 captures high speed transients and long term system disturbances with enough memory to give you a complete view of the system disturbance. While simple and quick to set up and diagnose a fault; it has the power to analyze complex system anomalies.

Multi-Function Capability
The TR-3000 takes the place of several devices:

  • Fault and Disturbance Recorder
  • Transient Fault Recorder
  • Phasor Measurement Unit
  • Power Quality Monitor
  • Sequence of Events Recorder

Field Proven Technology - never miss an event

The core strength of AMETEK Recorders is the extensive triggering and recording capabilities to ensure you never miss an event. The TR-3000 has a 256GB solid state drive for recording high resolution data at longer durations. The flexible triggering options make it easy to capture a simple fault or uncover a complex system anomaly. Independent of any triggers, the Transient Oscillography feature provides continuous waveform recording for up to 4 days to capture events that are too sensitive for your triggers or to extend your pre and post fault data recorded.

High Reliability
The TR-3000 is a highly reliable solid state design that incorporates a low-power fan-less operation with no moving parts. Each chassis can be equipped with a redundant power supply which can operate from the same or different power source. Input modules are hot-swappable and each one has its own dedicated processor for independent monitoring. Multiple independent Ethernet ports support simultaneous connections for reliable network communications and secure data transfers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple Recording Modes
         Capture high speed transient faults and long term disturbances
  • Never miss an event
           Flexible triggering, continuous transient oscillography, longer recording times
  • Ease of Use
           100% software configurable - no jumpers or switches
  • High Reliability
           256GB Solid state memory - no moving parts, redundant power supplies
           5 year warranty
  • Field Proven Display Station Software 
            Single software platform for all products

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