TR-2000 Multi-Function Recorder

For all types of power system events, the TR-2000 Multi-Function Recorder provides all the information you need to capture the complete picture. With the true integrated functionality of the TR-2000, you have one place for all your answers. The TR-2000 meets regulatory compliances including PRC-002-2. Simultaneously perform: transient recording, disturbance recording, phasor measurements, power quality analysis, and sequence of events recording. The TR-2000 provides answers when you need them with as much information as you need to get results quick. The system can operate automatically to retrieve events and perform an expert analysis so you have the answers fast, saving time and money. The TR-2000 Multi-Function Recorder takes the place of several devices, integrating their functions into one unit, saving you money on equipment and installation while providing all the answers in one software platform. All of these functions are performed at the highest level so it will meet your needs of today and in the future. In a deregulated environment, the TR-2000 is the best tool to provide the necessary data to increase revenues and retain your customers.


Feature and Benefits

  • Very high-speed transient recorder analyze switching transients, lightning strikes
  • Transient fault recorder post fault analysis to verify protection and circuit breaker operations, fault clearance times
  • Disturbance recorder/logger analyze power system stability by recording reclose sequences, power swing, and frequency oscillations
  • Trend recording verify voltage regulation and balancing
  • Power quality monitor voltage and frequency profiles, voltage dips and surges, loss of supply, harmonic content, flicker, voltage and current imbalance
  • Phasor Measurement Unit synchronized phasor measurements, in accordance with IEEE STD 1344-1995
  • Fault locator calculates distance to fault based on configurable line model
  • Real time monitor view analog, digital inputs, and computed values in near real time
  • Sequence of events recorder 1 msec or better resolution on digital contacts


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