Series 3000 Pressure Transmitters

  • Series 3000 pressure transmitters with explosion-proof certification according to FMS, CSA, BASEEFA, CENELEC, UL, CE-marking
  • sputtered thin-film strain gage technology with differential resistive measurement (in contrast to capacitive measurement)
  • sensor and  DC electronics in fully welded, hermetically sealed CRES 316 housing for high accuracy and reliability in severe environments and submersible to 1500 m
  • high accuracy: 0,25 % standard, 0,1 % optional for repeatability, hysteresis and linearity
  • customized temperature compensation, excellent long-term stability within the temperature range defined, factory calibration
  • 4 to 20 mA output
  • fast response time, 300 ms standard, 3 ms optional, fixed at factory
  • 5 year warranty

DR3000 - Draft Range Differential Pressure Transmitter


PD/PDH3000 - Differential Pressure Transmitter


HP/HPH3000 - Hish Static Differential Pressure Transmitter


PA/PG3000 - Absolute and Gage Pressure Transmitter


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